17 9 / 2012

The new iPhone is the talk of the town and I’m set on getting it since I was holding out for the new model. As I was browsing online to figure out my best bet to buy it, I stumbled upon something and couldn’t stop laughing at my desk. 

While this “customer review” is obviously not real, it doesn’t mean it’s not hysterical. Please check out the below iPhone 5 review (I included a screen shot in case they take it down!) from the Verizon Wireless site. The first comment this “customer” left was: “Evrone is trying 2 jock my phone, jus hustlin tryna keep it out haterz hands.” And if that’s not amazing enough, the con listed is “everyone b hating and jealous”. Word!

27 4 / 2012

I don’t want to say I told you so…but I told you so. From day 1, I was a Rosie fan.  Everyone thought Sophia Grace had the talent but Rosie has the star factor. This article is hysterical. And oh so true. Rock on Rosie, you don’t need to sing OR know lyrics to be famous.

18 4 / 2012